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New York City Commercial Dispute Lawyers

Your Cost-Effective Alternative to High-Priced New York City Law Firms

Corporate entities throughout the United States, Latin America and the world have been turning to the New York City commercial dispute attorneys at The Barry Fischer Law Firm for more than 20 years.

We help develop and pursue efficient, cost-effective strategies for resolving disputes and litigation matters. This often means investigating complex financial issues, often involving foreign banks and corporate interests. The Barry Fischer Law Firm is recognized by businesses throughout the U.S. and around the world for our capacity to analyze technical data and information, often in areas that include foreign banking and disclosure laws.

Dedicated Representation in Business Disputes and Litigation Matters

Senior attorney Barry Fischer bring together more than 50 years of in-depth knowledge and experience to help resolve business disputes and litigation matters such as:

Experience in New York Federal Courts

Litigation involving foreign and national business interests often involves the U.S. federal court system in New York. Our Manhattan business law attorneys are admitted to practice in numerous federal courts. Whether representing the plaintiff or serving as lead defense counsel in lawsuits, we understand the complex sequence of procedures that are critical to successful federal litigation, including bringing the complaint, and motions to suppress evidence and discovery. We have the automated technology necessary to examine tens of thousands of legal documents through a cost-effective digital process.

Our Technological and Legal Experience Help to Keep Your Costs Down

Founding partner Barry Fischer has decades of experience with subpoenas and depositions that help him gather critical technical and financial data for legal analysis. We are recognized for our focus on internal and external corporate investigations, and for our discovery of U.S. evidence for non-U.S. disputes and litigation.

Flat Fees for Dispute Resolution Services

We understand that resolving a dispute or a lawsuit can have an impact on your bottom line. We offer flat fees for many types of services for a negotiated settlement using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as arbitration and mediation.

Contact Our New York Commercial Litigation Attorneys

From our offices in Manhattan, we help resolve disputes and represent clients in business and commercial litigation matters throughout the United States. Contact our New York City commercial dispute lawyers online or call 212-840-9300 to arrange for an initial consultation.

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