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New York City Fraud Investigation Lawyer

New York Embezzlement Investigation Attorney

If you are a corporate entity or individual of high net worth who has lost money because of fraud on the part of an investment adviser or investment scheme in New York, talk to a lawyer at The Barry Fischer Law Firm in New York City.

For more than four decades, we have been protecting the rights and financial interests of individual and corporate investors facing the loss of significant financial assets because of illegal activities such as fraud, embezzlement or negligence. Using in-depth knowledge of forensic accounting, international financial systems and securities law, we are in a unique position to fully investigate beneath the surface, to find evidence of misconduct that can lead to a substantial recovery or criminal charges.

We Prove the Facts for a Successful Insurance Claim

Corporations are often at the mercy of accountants or financial professionals who act independently to embezzle assets or invest inappropriately. Recovering losses often means filing a claim on an insurance policy. Because proving malfeasance, misconduct and criminal activity for an insurance claim requires clear presentation of complex facts, clients can rely on our experience. Our lawyers know how to gather the facts and present them effectively and persuasively to an insurance carrier.

We use every legal means to help you recover your losses and handle civil litigation cases against individuals charged with fraud and other white collar crimes in federal and New York courts.

From our offices in New York City, our attorneys resolve disputes and represent clients in litigation matters throughout the United States. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation with one of our experienced New York City fraud investigation attorneys today.

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