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New York City Internal Corporate Investigation Lawyer

Confidential and In-Depth Business Investigations to Determine Fraud

When a corporate executive suspects fraud or embezzlement, it is usually not without good cause. But proving the illegal action is often difficult and requires an in-depth confidential internal investigation. At the same time, the government may be conducting a criminal investigation triggered by automated alarms regarding bank deposits, investments or other financial dealings.

Our Lawyers Pursue Sophisticated Strategies to Get the Facts You Need

If your national or international corporation doing business in New York suspects fraud or embezzlement and needs an internal discovery of evidence to reclaim lost assets through restitution or insurance coverage, talk to the attorneys at The Barry Fischer Law Firm in New York City.

Developing and pursuing an effective, cost-effective strategy for discovery of evidence requires knowledge and experience investigating complex financial issues, often involving forensic accounting, foreign investments, securities and banking. Our firm is recognized by business interests throughout the U.S. and around the world for our capacity to analyze technical data and information, often in conditions that include foreign banking and disclosure laws.

New York External Corporate Investigation Attorneys

We pursue sophisticated and uniquely efficient processes to obtain documents, testimony and other evidence in the U.S. for use in foreign legal proceedings. We subpoena financial and business records located in New York or throughout the U.S. to support foreign corporations investigating the possibility of fraud or other financial misconduct.

From our offices in New York City, our attorneys resolve disputes and represent clients in litigation matters throughout the United States. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation with one of our experienced New York City internal corporate investigation attorneys today.

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